Mazahiya Taqra مزاحیہ ٹاکرا

Since the pandemic, through the assistance of GIFT Connect, GIFT Debating and Public Speaking Society has been actively conducting activities and live sessions to engage its audience and working hard to create an atmosphere of learning and growth. Now, GDPSS is yearning to come up with a buoyant plan to conduct a Bilingual Competition. "Mazahiya Taqra"مزاحیہ ٹاکرا Topics for the competition are as follows: Urdu: Yeh Mazak ho rha hai Kia? ( یہ مذاق ہو رہا ہےکیا ؟) English: 2020, what is this behavior? Follow the link to register at your earliest convenience. https://forms.gle/4ddue1pXGcykTQWz6 The deadline for registration is July 15, 2020. The Schedule of Competition will be shared after the closing of registration.